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The Hero's Journey

Preventative Program

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The Hero\'s Journey Wilderness Treatment Program

The Hero's Journey Wilderness Treatment Program

Parents and Carers

Are you experiencing family conflict at home? Has your troubled teen recently changed to a negative peer group? Is he struggling or failing academically? Are there issues with low self esteem, depression, anxiety or isolation? Is your teen bright but underachieving? Has there been experimentation with drugs and alcohol? Or is your teen developing drug and alcohol dependency?

Wilderness Treatment Australia Can Help

Wilderness Treatment Australia offers a high-impact, adventure-based therapeutic intervention for adolescents and young adults struggling with psychological, emotional, behavioural, or learning problems, including substance abuse, depression, defiance, anger management and the like. Young people are removed from their familiar surroundings, encouraged, challenged, and given every opportunity to succeed. The physical and emotional intensity of wilderness therapy is highly effective in turning around the lives of troubled teens by gaining self-awareness, personal responsibility, a sense of community, and a positive outlook for the future.

Set in the Australian wilderness, teens between the ages 13 and 17 are encouraged and challenged to succeed through experiential learning and therapy, without modern conveniences. We focus on experiential learning, natural consequences and the development of healthy coping skills. Course work includes long bush walks, wilderness survival skills and domestic chores. Evenings are spent around a camp fire where experiences of the day and personal stories are shared with others. They are challenged psychologically by patient sitting, listening and speaking in turns.

Like an indigenous quest for knowledge teens become able to reflect on what it was that brought them to the wilderness and how they see their life when they leave. As they step through their journey of self discovery and transformation from boy to man and girl to woman they are challenged with what has real purpose in their lives and how to create a beneficial life.

Students are supervised 24x7 by highly trained youth workers and psychologists. They complete a therapeutic program with a specialised psychologist. Parents and carers will participate in family therapy via their assigned psychologist. The program operates under the Australian child protection protocols to ensure the safety of every boy and girl.